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We have been hard at work on search analytics that help you take control over an overwhelming sea of SEO and web analytics data and turn them into insight about what's working, what's not, and what to fix first.

Blueprint analyzes multiple input sources around how searchers and search engines interact with your site to give you a clearer, more holistic view than looking at each source individually, and is customized for your business and audiences.

You don't need more data. You need to save time and improve your business.

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Want to break through silos and incorporate our methodology into your organization?

Vanessa is available for training workshops that make SEO core to understanding and attracting audiences, rather than an afterthought, for better customer engagement and an improved bottom line.

Technical Training: Providing in-depth detail for developers on crawlable web infrastructure.

Content Training: Using searcher personas to bring search into editorial processes.

Strategy Workshops: Building strategic roadmaps that pinpoint how to prioritize SEO efforts.

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Marketing in the age of Google

Marketing in the Age of Google is a practical guide to harnessing the full power of online search for your business.

In the book, Vanessa outlines her methodology for breaking down organizational silos between product development, user experience, web development, and social media for improved customer engagement.

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