About Vanessa

Founder Vanessa Fox has spent nearly 20 years working at the intersection of user experience, marketing, technology, and the web. While at Google, she built Webmaster Central and helped launch sitemaps.org.

She is the author of Marketing in the Age of Google, and speaks to audiences worldwide about breaking through organizational silos and incorporating our searching culture into all aspects of business for better customer engagement.

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About Nine by Blue

Ranking well in search engines isn’t about chasing algorithms and ranking signals, it’s about providing real value to audiences. Five years ago, Vanessa set out to transform the state of search engine optimization and evolve the practices of marketing, product strategy, and technical development with this message.

Blueprint is the foundation that makes this possible -- providing a view of the complete picture, not just the individual pieces.

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Marketing in the age of Google

Marketing in the Age of Google is a practical guide to harnessing the full power of online search for your business.

In the book, Vanessa outlines her methodology for breaking down organizational silos between product development, user experience, web development, and social media for improved customer engagement.

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